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Link personal goals to company goals::

When personal goals don’t align with the company’s overall goals, employees may narrow their focus to just completing day-to-day tasks without feeling like they’re part of a larger business operation.

By helping them realize the importance of their role throughout the program and how the training fits in with it, they will be more motivated to take charge of their career development opportunities.

The key is to let them know that their personal goals align with the company’s larger goals . Because when it comes to training, you always want to come back to the question: “What do you want to achieve with upskilling, and how can employee training get you there?”

While team managers have direct responsibility for employee learning, your role as L&D is just as critical in helping trainees see the bigger picture – you need to let them know that the training they’re taking now is what moves the company forward An important part of.

So you can ask employees what they need to improve, analyze performance goals, and provide them with the training they need to perform better at work and contribute to the organization.

Make the content of the training relevant to each student

Another great way to motivate employees to participate in training is to make the courses practical and relevant to their jobs and daily tasks. This way, the training supports not only their personal goals, but also the company’s overall goals.

If the goal of a business is to work better with international teams, then it is imperative to equip employees with proficient language skills. If your company is undergoing a digital transformation, help them become digitally proficient with training.

Not only that, but improving employee skills can become more relevant and personalized to accommodate different learning styles, preferences, and learning rhythms . Because, let’s be honest, not everyone learns the same way.

Some prefer to follow a rigorous training path, while others prefer the freedom to explore different courses. Some people learn best by watching small videos or audio lectures, while others enjoy taking exams and activities.

With the digital learning technology we have now, it’s entirely possible to provide a hyper-personalized learning experience for each employee, because you have an online library at your fingertips: videos, articles, activities and other multimedia learning content to make digital Learning is attractive to everyone.